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Small Business Website Shouldn’t Bankrupt You, But They Do – Martin O’Connor


I was talking to a friend the other day about my Vanilla Ice post. My friend is a well known designer in Fargo-Moorhead. He told me that the article flew in the face of agency methods. Well that may be because I am many things, but I am not a typical agency owner or a writer. I admit the second because it is my way out of being ridiculed for bad grammar and punctuation!?!?!?! My company’s specialty has been getting the small business owner a small business website. We are really good at them. We are great at many other things too, but I have many more articles to write.

Because I have never been the typical agency owner  I suppose I have a lot to learn about what the agency methods are, so I asked my pal. He told me it is to maximize the client’s share of their budget. That is a cool phrase. I memorized it quickly.

Why do I say I am not a typical agency owner as I am preparing to open an office in Fargo next year to help compliment my Guadalajara office? Because I want OC2interactive to be an online partner that is accessible to all the Red River Valley’s business owners. Small business owners have been my best buddies for years. My company has made more than 1000 websites for them (I always use more than rather than over as taught to me by my friend Fred.)

I personally feel that I have won a lot of my business by coming from a small business owner perspective, not a designer creative. I have probably lost some business that way as well. In fact I am sure of it. That is ok. That is why I link to other great firms here that may be more in line with the needs of a business.

Remember the electronic game Simon Says? If you are around 40 you do. 40 is how old my dad is so he has told me about this a lot. In the game you start simple, repeating one color and tone. Then more and more and more colors flash and you need to repeat that pattern. You keep getting more complex until your brain explodes or you whip the game against a wall. At least that is what my dad told me happens.

That is ok for a game, but not for someone’s business. The name of the game here is collaboration and partnerships. It isn’t following the same routine over and over again simply because Simon told you how it is done. It means smashing that game and starting up a new one that we make together. If the end game is to maximize the client’s share of the budget then you simply look for ways to spend money, not get the right site up. However I really like the game of spending other people’s money so if you want to play that with me, let me know before Christmas hits.

This philosophy may change over time. Muhammad Ali said, “the man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” I used to love playing Simon Says when I was a child and now I don’t like it at all. See? I am growing.

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