Just opened Digital Agency in Minneapolis…now close it?

Well we don’t normally publish posts like this. It doesn’t feel good. People want to hear the latest from us right? Ok here is the latest. TheĀ full article is here, but let me summarize. Creatives in the marketing world spend countless, sleepless, nights making things look good that will be forgotten. We sacrifice personal moments and replace them with concepts.

Agreed to all of it but we don’t think it is limited to creatives. We live in a culture that uses personal sacrifice as a bar of dedication. Are you willing to give up every night and weekend, your kids, your health, for this job? Well if you answered yes then welcome.

No. No. NO. The digital world of ours is one that can allow us to do 12 hours of creative work in 6. That doesn’t mean we try to get 14 hours in 8. It means work hard, find balance, and dig life.

We just opened the our digital agency in Minneapolis. This isn’t the time to close. It is the time to redefine relationships. The time to work towards a goal of spending time on the things that really matter to us.

We can do it together. Punk rock rules in effect. Whatever that means. AboveĀ is one photo of what is important to the people of OC2, our children.

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