OC2 new digital agency in Minneapolis and St. Paul


Big news now that it is official. Martin and Michelle have made the leap to opening up offices in the Twin Cities. As you can see, Snoop and Dre are very happy about having Martin opening up a shop in the states. Many of you are looking for the right new digital agency in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and now you have it. However, the real question  is why OC2? Superb question.

Many of us have a great digital idea but don’t know where to begin. Like building a house, your digital strategy requires a general contractor and that is where OC2 comes in. We help launch ideas. We all now that there are those of us that don’t walk into round one financing of our great idea before the prototype is built. OC2 helps get you to that round one discussion with the prototype you need without having to auction off your kids. Auctioning off kids is up to you. In fact that may be the next app we launch. We help you define your goals and all the aspects of your digital journey and then put the pieces together for you to follow.

I bet you want an example. Here you go. Jane has a great idea for a new app but has a limited budget. She really wants to show her idea to investors like Dick, but doesn’t think she can afford to build her idea. Jane comes to OC2. OC2 and Jane talk about her customers, her needs, and her goals. We map it out for her and Jane is glad we did. She had thought that she needed to focus on Facebook but through talking it out, we realized she needs to focus on a youtube channel first, even before the app came out.

Jane built the app and when launched already had a YouTube following. Roll that into the launch, add some media to this, and Jane was ready for Dick. Dick loved the idea, invested, and now Jane is Dick’s boss. Awesome.

Come and be Dick’s boss. Work with OC2. You deserve it. Snoop says so.



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