Stop, Collaborate & Listen Fargo Web Designers

Did Vanilla Ice tell us all how to do it? by Martin O’Connor

Fargo web designers listen up, because the Ice broke it down

If you are in the design world, or want to know more about it, go check out This Week in Web Design hosted by Jose Caballer because it is awesome. The show and its host are really entertaining and informative. Jose breaks it down and shows the industry, and potential web clients, what is important in the world of design and how that translates into dollars.

At one point in the show, that I am watching with my wife because we are nerds, Jose quickly says “Stop, Collaborate and Listen” ¬†referencing a slide he had up. (Oh I suppose you’d like a link to the video for reference so here.) When Jose said that, I thought it was really insightful and I couldn’t wait to incorporate it into an overall model for success here in Fargo. When Michelle heard it, she googled Vanilla Ice. Michelle is a real fan of our singing friend from Florida and I am guessing Jose is as well. Who wouldn’t be with his dancing and getting down.

I guess the question is what does this have to do with Fargo web design companies specifically? I am guessing that my dedicated readers must remember my post a few weeks back about shutting up and giving the client what they are looking for. Who would have known that I would be listening to a video about this very thing, put in a much clearer way, a short time later?

Fargo web designers know a good product. But like a lot of designers, some of them have a tendency to talk too much and listen too little. I was talking to a client the other day whose family owns a wonderful restaurant in South Fargo. She was telling me about having to listen to a local company talk about all the things that company could do for the restaurant in technical terms. So technical that she had no idea why her website would be so great. Mostly because she wanted to take reservations and have a menu online. Everything else didn’t really matter.

I am happy to say that I am too slow to do much other than listen and deliver. I start there. What is it that the client needs? Check. Here is where I STOP. Thank client for time, go back to office and COLLABORATE. Get answers to their needs. Can we do it? Will it take long? Expense to do it? Anything else we need?

Now I go back and tell the client. Give them some options and maybe some things that might benefit their needs. Reservations that feed into your current system perhaps? A downloadable menu? Orders via facebook? Whatever. After I give some options, I think it is time to LISTEN. Cycle repeats.

Now my client is happy, as you will see in a later link, and that makes me happy. Plus, I am able to incorporate music into my work. Ok, not just music, Vanilla Ice. What more could you want?

Now get out there and do it.


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