Good web design- Well it is like a tattoo

Here is what good web design is all about, by Martin O’Connor

You. Yes I said it…you. I read so many articles telling you what good web design is all about. It is about functionality. How the page flows. How the design goes. SHUT UP. When we get down to it, good web design simply asks the client what they want, and delivers it.

Now does this mean that you don’t guide the client? Maybe show them where they may add some cool things that help them achieve their goal? Of course not. What it means is that you simply listen to them. Because at the end of the day, I get to walk away from this site. My client doesn’t.

Here is what I mean. I love blogs. I think that they are necessary in almost all sites. Almost. Except the client that doesn’t want a blog. Sure I told her that I like them and they are great for SEO, how you can use an easy tool like the Buffer app to connect to all of your social media. I did my job. I educated her to the best of my ability. She said no. I like to think that means I listened to my client.

What does this mean for my company? It means we know that some people just want to be listened to and taken seriously. So many times I have seen good intentioned sales people telling clients what they need for their site, when most clients just want a solid site. A good looking site. I can dig that.

A good sales associate will get the client to describe their needs the same way a good tattoo artist does. They ask questions, listen, tell the client what they hear, and refine until they have it. The last tattoo I got was from a great tattoo artist in Minneapolis…Amy Bambi Wendt. I had an idea of what I wanted, but wasn’t sure how to let her know. I said “do what you want.” Bambi wasn’t happy with that answer, but she listened. She asked me what imagery I wanted, how it should by placed, together or farther apart. And she nailed it. Well I nailed it with her help. That is what great deign is all about. She also has a hot website coming soon. Until then find her here. Thanks again Amy!

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