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Fargo, I saw that movie!

Fargo Web Design and living in Guadalajara- Martin O’Connor

I am one of the partners here at OC2interactive and I live in Mexico. I didn’t start out thinking I would ever own a web design company. I am a working guy from the mean streets of Fargo, North Dakota. Yes THE Fargo from the movie, or as people from Fargo know, not really. The movie wasn’t even shot there but I can guarantee that anywhere I go, I hear about that movie.

About ten years ago I moved to Mexico. The move brought me to a little village outside of Guadalajara, Mexico called Ajijic. Google Ajijic and you will see that it is on Mexico’s largest lake and has one of the best climates in the world. Here I will make it easier for you by clicking here. My son Eamon goes to a great school here with half the day in English, and half in Spanish. He is my little Mexican gringito. He even learned to Irish Dance here. Who would have thought?

So what has that got to do with anything? What I discovered when I was that this area has some of the best damn designers and developers in the world. They know what is hot and what is not. They are super creative and many speak English. I got to know a few, got to work with a lot more, and out of this OC2interactive was born.

Here we are celebrating three years together now. It is this relationship that has allowed OC2interactive to do some great work at a cost that knocks so many over in English and Spanish. We can do it all.

This guy from Fargo still lives in Mexico, but is currently working with some great people in Fargo now. We will be bringing you some of the great sites we are doing in the future. A couple of restaurants, designers, and hopefully you. Looking for a Fargo web deisgn company a little far from home? I am here for you and will buy the beers.

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Eamon O'Connor Irish Dancing

Eamon and his friends dancing


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