Today’s Athlete Website Design is Brendon Ayanbedejo

An athlete’s website is deeper than the look by Martin O’Connor

Our latest athlete website design is a personal favorite for me. I am not a huge sports fan, as Ryan Totka knows, but OC2interactive is good at designing websites for athletes, as Ryan knows as well. The reason that I loved this site is because I love what Brendon Ayanbedejo stands for off the field. Anyone who has ever met me know that I am a strong supporter of equality. The ability for my gay brothers and sisters to marry is really important to ┬áBrendon and me. When OC2interactive was asked to design his site, I would have almost authorized to be done for free. Almost. Don’t get excited Ryan.

Designing an athlete’s website can really be an exciting challenge. With Brendon we needed to go one step further because we were also looking at his life outside off the field. The ability to balance this with a strong design was really exciting. Take a look at the bold imagery in the slider. Look at the background and the way it blurs, keeping Brendon’s photos at the center of attention. I really think my designers did a great job on this one. If you didn’t know Brendon, you would know exactly what he was about in about ten seconds, with four slides. The ability to get his personal and professional message across, means the company was able to create another great athlete website design the team can be proud of.

I am aware that it may be dangerous to talk about my personal beliefs when talking about business. However I have never been safe and don’t feel like starting that at my age. I am old now you know. Equality is for all of us. Love is where it is at right? Guys like Jeff Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbedejo are the kind of athletes I like. They are not afraid to take a public stand on subjects outside their work, and neither do I.

PS. I made a site for Kluwe while the Minnesota vote was going on. It is a bit dated now, as the measure passed, but if you want to check it out go ahead. Here is a link to Brendon’s website as well so you can tell your friends what a great athlete website design looks like.

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